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Do you ever fantasize about your own funeral: A Rachel Berry post

• Had a few Kurt finds sent in: his floral Banana Republic shirt from Showmance, an American Apparel tie and sweater, and his hat from The Substitute.
• Tiny bit of site housekeeping, cleaned up the rest of Kurt's season 2 posts and navigation at the bottom of each of his recap posts as a few of you suggested for easier browsing. I hope to get season 1 done over the next few weeks but have a click around!

Though I'm tempted to drag out these posts a little longer (ugh Glee hiatuses are the worst), I promise Rachel's finale post will be up in the next day or so...

I couldn't find a gif from Funeral I liked so... Rachel wearing Forever 21 Sweet Neckline Dress in Funeral
Dress: Forever 21 Sweet Neckline Dress $17.80
Necklace: Tiffany Locks Heart Lock Pendant mini in silver $100 or gold $300 (via The Possessionista)

This outfit is sailor-y deliciousness - how cute are those boat shoes??? Rachel Berry wearing Anthropologie Anadyomene Cardigan and Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace Bib Dress in mint in Funeral
Cardigan: Anthropologie Anadyomene Cardigan $88 (via FashionOfGlee)
Dress: Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace Bib Dress in mint $49 (via The Possessionista)

LOVE the cardigan, and the dress in that mint colorway is super cute - gotta love the trademark Rachel knee-high socks! Rachel Berry wearing Zac Posen Sheer-Striped Dress in Funeral
Dress: Zac Posen Sheer-Striped Dress $1690-$1710

For some reason I handwave a lot of Kurt's expensive wardrobe items but the second Rachel came on stage in this I got so distracted by her wearing one of my favourite (and pricey) Zac Posen dresses. Also I kinda hate her a little because I work full time on a decent salary and I had to let this dress gather dust in my wishlist because I couldn't afford it. Damn you Rachel Berry! Rachel Berry wearing J. Crew Oleander Lace Shift Dress in Funeral
Dress: J. Crew Oleander Lace Shift Dress $295

The Glee kids were a little all over the show with their funeral clothing choices, but I thought Rachel looked classy and funeral-appropriate. Rachel Berry in Funeral

I can't tell if this dress is actually cute or if Lea is misleading me into thinking so with her beauty. Loving the unflattering white opaque tights, it's such a Rachel thing to put with an outfit.

Alrighty, tell me your loves and loathes this episode! Also I felt like making a poll:

How did Rachel get her hands on a $1700 Zac Posen dress anyway?

By saving her pocket money
She stole it, nothing comes between Rachel & her superstar dreams!
Used her Dads' credit card they're dead & buried under the floorboards anyway
There's no way she paid full price for that
A gift from Kurt's wardrobe fairy/mysteriously absent but rich relative
I watch Glee therefore I am able to suspend my disbelief over a kid casually wearing a dress that costs more than a months rent
Other (I'll share my head canon in the comments!)
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