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No, really, the "boy" is there for a reason...

Something's Coming: Blaine's Wardrobe!

It's been a big couple weeks for our favourite former-schoolboy (well, one of them): He transferred schools, had to learn to dance with a group instead of just jumping on tables, dropped the name "Warbler", and even de-aged a year! But at least his ankles were looking good!

Oh, Dalton blazer, how we will miss you - your boxy shape, your unchanging piping that isn't actually piping but I promised myself I wouldn't rant about that (much) anymore, your Dapper quality. How will we ever-

...Oh hello there!
(What blazer?)
Red pants, dress shoes with no socks so Burt will be able to understand his gayness, tight black short-sleeve buttondown, white braided belt, and that bowtie. How could Kurt not notice this the second he walked in?

Shoes: Converse lo-tops in black and white; Jeans: also worn in Prom Queen.

I was starting to wonder when we would get to see him in an outfit with no Dalton colours, and then this. I want to follow him around on his bowtie-shopping trips because these are fantastic.

White capri pants and a pink bowtie that can be seen from space - he's not exactly "Rock Hudson gay" either. Just saying.

Polo: Also in Prom Queen.

Completely loving his belts so far. The black and white diagonal is fantastic - might it be by Fracture? It's hard to tell, but it adds just a little interest to an otherwise fairly-plain outfit.

Total outfits "The Purple Piano Project": 4
Total outfits "I am a Unicorn": 3
Tags: !needs identifying, character: blaine anderson, designer: converse
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