Amber (onemoreniiiight) wrote in gleestyle,

Wheels: Kurt edition Kurt Hummel in Wheels
Scarf: Alexander McQueen skull print scarf $260
Gucci $290 / Also worn in: Vitamin D Kurt Hummel in Wheels
Coat: Burberry Navy Toggle Peacoat $995 / Also worn in: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Silly Love Songs (thanks agencebandit!) Kurt Hummel in Wheels
Bandana: Navy Blue Trainmen Paisley Bandana (available at any Army surplus store)
Shoes: Converse All Star Hi Kurt Hummel in Wheels Kurt Hummel in Wheels
Top: American Apparel Unisex Dolman Sleeve Hoody $29 (thanks alex_jensen!)
Shoes: Converse All Star Hi 'The Who' Union Jack Kurt Hummel in Wheels
Vest, scarf and pants: ? / Also worn in: Grilled Cheesus

"It was such a defining moment for Kurt, and he had the most
crazy accessories. A roach-broach, for goodness sake!" Kurt Hummel in Wheels
Brooch: Ann Demeulemeester Beaded Beetle Brooch $220 / Also worn in: Funk
Top: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Dr. Martens 9663 Lace-Up Boots: $135 Kurt Hummel in Wheels

Total outfits this episode: 8
Caps from here & by me
Tags: !needs identifying, character: kurt elizabeth hummel, designer: alexander mcqueen, designer: american apparel, designer: ann demeulemeester, designer: converse, designer: dr martens, designer: gucci, season 1: 09 wheels
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