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Tina: Born This Way

So here's what you missed on Glee: Tina rocked blue contact lenses, quoted Ghandi, got frisky in the choir room, brought back one of my favourite accessories from season one and took lead on a song without bursting into tears! Check it out...

2x18: Born This Way

(in which I am useless at identifying outfits but good at talking endlessly about Tina)

1. Blink and you'll miss Tina in the background of the Rachel-breaks-her-nose scene. Sleeveless black outfit of some description :) I made up a super fun game making these caps today. It's called Count The Fingerless Gloves. This makes #1 (unless you want to count Artie too).

2. Oh hey, Miss Blue Eyes. Contacts, cameo necklace, black dress with white lace and red threading, which is a nice little detail. If you squint, fingerless gloves #2 have a bit of red striping to match.

Just taking a moment to appreciate Jenna with curly hair. Gorgeous. Definitely my favourite Tina hairstyle (closely followed by pigtails - which are still to come!)

Necklace: wrecordsbymonkey - vinyl record cameo - $42

This is another gorgeous wrecords necklace - similar to the chandelier one Tina wore in A Night Of Neglect. Also! Wrecords have a promotion going on their facebook account right now - get your hands on a 33% discount voucher by sending them a screencap of Tina wearing the cameo necklace. Check it out here if you're interested :)

(Thanks anon and [info]onemoreniiiight)


3. Black dress, low white collar. We've definitely, definitely seen this one a few times before. Just a quick wide-shot when Schuester and Ms Pillsbury announce the Gaga assignment, so no help on the fingerless-glove tally.

4. Lacy black dress/top and skirt, knee-high black socks, black and white shoes. This was in the choir room during the gorgeous Unpretty/I Feel Pretty duet. I sometimes feel like Tina gets the short end of the stick costume-wise throughout this season (maybe the costume design team are caught up finding outfits for Santana/Britt/Quinn now they're out of the Cheerios uniform) - she has been resembling a pilgrim/Wednesday Addams far more frequently than in season 1. That being said, I like this outfit. It's cute, and I like the cuffs on the top. Girl's showing a little leg again, which never hurts.

5. Tina brings Gandhi to a whole new generation, says more than one sentence at a time and gets cockblocked by Schuester. (+ fingerless glove sighting #3!)

6. Looking lovely in white, and rocking the same knee-high socks/shoe combo from outfit #4

(and now that I notice, isn't Mike looking particularly well-dressed in this scene compared to his usual t-shirt/jeans/cardigan combo. He's even wearing a tie! One that matches his shirt -and- the edging on his cardigan. Maybe it's date night and they're heading straight to the Stix?)

7. More knee-high black socks, and a cute black/white dress. If you squint, and look in the top-right of the image, Tina's wearing a great little cross-body clasp handbag.

8. For me, the most exciting outfit of the episode. I could quite likely be wrong, but I think this is the first time we've seen Tina in jeans (group performance costumes excluded) all season. Black skinny jeans, black tee layered over red, combat boots and my favourite yellow beanie (also seen in 1.10 Ballad, among other places). A little more punk, and a little more teenage-girl than what we've been seeing lately. And more gloves!

9. Lucky last. Tina was born this way, baby (and well on her way to becoming an Asian sex symbol). Black jeans, black low-tops, black cardigan. Pigtails! And a return of the I-Kissed-A-Girl karate chop...

(okay, maybe it's more of a gaga move than an actual thigh-chop. still cute.)

Not to mention those eyes...

That's all, folks. Not particularly helpful for identifying any outfits, but at least I'm getting a little better at screencapping!

(both gifs are made by the very lovely asianfusion on tumblr)

Total outfits this episode: 9

Total pairs of fingerless gloves: 4
Tags: !needs identifying, character: tina cohen-chang, designer: wrecordsbymonkey, season 2: 18 born this way
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